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Pooled from a variety of rock genres and influences, The Unday (Tucson, AZ) is an original electric/acoustic hybrid four-piece. Their sound is teeming with experimental guitar work, creative rhythms and melodic bass; topped off with soulful vocals and the unique addition of 5-string viola by captivating frontwoman, Deanna Cross. Approachably experimental, The Unday’s music speaks to a variety of rock fans from scrutinizing music geeks to casual music listeners.

The Unday’s sound is, above all, heartfelt and honest with overtones of classic rock, blues, jazz, a bit of flamenco, and a drop of the heavy stuff. 


“With a mixture of genres that can be found within the world of Rock, Progressive, Folk, Psyche, and a bit of Goth, The Unday holds a driving hope without the menace of old cliches. We’re reminded that through the mystery, we can also find the answer between the worlds with mighty, well played song!”

 -John Paul Marchand, 

former KXCI DJ-The Tempest Broog


“Led by the distinctive, smoky jazz intoning and old world folk viola of Deanna Cross, this quartet thrives on dynamic and engaging interplay between Cross, Sam Bess (drums), Clovis Jako (guitar), and Shaun Botthof (bass guitar).”

-Joshua Levigne-Tour Worthy

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